Welcome to Lake Country.

LCA is not the only Christian community in town so I would like to highlight the presence of other congregations that you may find helpful as you become oriented to the broader picture of God's people in Lake Country.  

Jeremy Crowe pastors Creekside Church, which is a sub-community of Kelowna's Willow Park Church: http://www.willowparkchurch.com/creekside/  LCA has really enjoyed partnering with Creekside over the years and plans to continue to do so.

Lake Country Life Centre, which is a sub-community of Kelowna Christian Center, is currently led by Diane Eccles: http://kcc.net/lake-country.html 

Information for Winfield Community Church, which many refer to as the "blue church on the corner of Glenmore" can be found here: http://www.winfieldcommunitychurch.org/

Winfield United Church: https://www.winfieldunitedchurch.ca/

I know less about our local Anglican, Seventh-Day Adventist, and Roman Catholic churches, but they are here in our town too. 

May our Triune God, who exists eternally as "community," plant you in an authentic Christian community where your roots can go down deep in Christ and you and your household experience real freedom and fullness.