Hi there, it’s Pastor Sandy.

Lake Country Alliance Church (LCA) has begun to buzz again as a vibrant, local option for those seeking God and hungering for more in this life.  You can quickly discover that we are not interested in going through the motions or maintaining the religious status quo.  You can expect us to be down-to-earth and authentic; hopefully, we can expect the same from you.

The way we accomplish our mission is being developed, but underlying who we are as a family is 


Freedom & Fullness.


We will be exploring freedom and fullness in Romans Chapter 8 and Ephesians Chapter 4 and then spend time again listening to God through Jesus' Sermon on the Mount during our weekly times of worship.  We have become a multi-congregational church: Sundays and Thursday Night Church (TNC).

Our church culture is fairly relaxed and friendly but it usually takes some time to feel like you really belong.  People who pursue some kind of serving opportunity often find themselves feeling like they belong more quickly than those who wait to be approached.  

Please consider checking out the "Connect" tab in the upper right hand corner above and introducing yourself to us.

We would be happy to meet you and explore what it could look like for us to be a part of one another’s future.  

God's peace to you and your household.