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There were 45 people in attendance at the Artery Prayer Training Workshop this past Sunday, May 5th here at LCA. The topic: Bringing Kingdom Prayer into the Artery of the Church and the Believer!

Here are some highlights/comments from those that were there:

  • Let’s make prayer our first response rather than last resort
  • I am so pleased to see where the church is headed in terms of payer and prayer leadership. I left being encouraged by the body of Christ.
  • The importance of prayer was well communicated. I liked learning about the times that scripture highlights Jesus praying. Also, I enjoyed learning about the prayers Paul prayed … 
  • The need to pray with others and to pray about everything
  • We were really encouraged to pray more ... and with each other! .... also when praying for others, asking them for prayer as well.
  • …  Prayer is the life blood of the believer and it was great to see that LCA firmly believes that a praying church will advance the Kingdom of God in Lake Country.  We need to ask the Holy Spirit to help us explore realms of prayer that we need to tap into.  I believe the Holy Spirit wants us to come to a place where we will pray like Jesus prayed.  Do we really know how to pray effectively?  I know that most believers (not all) do struggle with prayer.  Prayer is a huge subject and we could spend hours, days and even months in learning how to pray but I think the best way of praying is to simply ask the Holy Spirit to help us and then to just do it.  May we let go of all our pre-conceived ideas of how to pray and open ourselves up to an awesome journey that Jesus wants to take us on! I pray that we will all come to a place where our prayers will drastically change not only us but Lake Country, our province and our nation and the nations of the world.
  • Really enjoyed getting to know people better spiritually. I would love more. Thanks!
  • I enjoyed the sound of all the voices praying, and I liked the concept of checking the season- considering the events going on in the world and in the church- and praying that our lives and the church would fit God’s design.
  • I met two new ladies to pray with and we are meeting before church this Sunday ...  I was encouraged to see the range of ages that attended the Workshop ... I believe that we are entering into a time of renewal and refreshing as we faithfully make time for prayer.  We will truly become a House of Prayer, individually and corporately.  Thank you to all who organized this wonderful event.