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Cuts and stitches, scrapes, checking for ticks, notes from school (about those pesky head bugs), boil water notices… Such are the things in the daily life in the AlYaseen family lately.   The children are enjoying playing out of doors in their street, in the local parks and at friends’ houses. The freedom to run and play is new to them. Marwa, the mom, says that much of their life in the refugee camp was limited to their shelter. 

To play with water would be unthinkable; to run in a grassy field unimaginable; to play in your street with bikes and scooters, a dream come true. With freedom comes responsibility and respect. Important lessons Mariam, Abdallah, Maysam and Ahmad are learning. Baby Mohammad is content just to sit and watch the action around him. Yaseen continues to do well in his English classes and his teacher says he is progressing well.

Marwa and Yaseen have been baking special  treats for Ramadan and the festival of Eid which follows.  The family have MSP numbers and their permanent resident cards. This will help with accessing a family doctor and the children can begin dental visits. With their PRC’s, we can now apply for subsidized housing for next year. Please pray concerning this. Our church’s sponsorship agreement is for one year, and this is why we have housed them in Lake Country. Their resettlement support is here. We would love for them to feel a part of this beautiful community and want to continue to live here. 

Summer will bring breaks for the children and Yaseen from school. Hopefully, Yaseen will find work here in Lake Country for the 2 months. The oldest 2 children have been registered in swimming classes and a soccer camp. Lake Country will be a beautiful place to spend their first summer in Canada with its great beaches and parks, and fun activities.

Again, thank-you to all who visit with the family. They love to meet and visit with people. If you would like to connect with the family, our support team would be happy to help you with that. Give us a call (250-766-1672) or email us at [email protected]