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You hear my voice all the time, right?  Well, can I please have the opportunity to hear your voice through our "Let's Talk" Feedback Form?

I used to go for walks in a local urban forest or along the ocean in White Rock with people in my previous church community. I loved being able to listen and hear what was on peoples' hearts and minds.  Now in Lake Country, sometimes we walk down along Wood Lake or the rail trail, but it can be a challenge to schedule a good time for this.  But I wish I knew more about what was on specific peoples' hearts and minds.

Would you consider setting aside some time to look at and fill out this survey.  If nothing else, I hope it increases your own self-awareness; but I also hope it displays to you how much you matter to Lake Country Alliance Church.

I will be reading these and will be able to review them as needed because they are in writing.  Someone once told me, "Reading makes the mind broad--Speaking makes the mind quick--Writing makes the mind exact."  Even if writing or typing isn't your thing, that's ok.  If something doesn't make sense, I could always call you to clarify, right?  

We will have a few print copies for those who don't want to use the electronic format too.  Feel free to request these from the office.

I hope to hear from you soon,



Click here to access the Feedback Form.