Lake Country Alliance Church
Society Act Constitution

1. The name of the society is:

● Lake Country Alliance Church of the Christian and Missionary Alliance of Canada

2. The purposes of the Society, Lake Country Alliance Church, are to:

A. promote the Christian faith;

B. promulgate the doctrines and teachings of the Christian and Missionary Alliance
in Canada, a charity incorporated under the Canada Not for Profit Corporations
Act with which this Society is affiliated and connected as a subordinate body;

C. provide for its members a place of worship to be conducted in accordance with
the rules and laws of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada;

D. receive, hold and disburse gifts, bequests, devices and other funds; and

E. own and maintain suitable real estate and buildings for the purposes of the
Society, and to do all things necessary and incidental thereto.

3. The operations of the Society are to be chiefly carried on in Lake Country in the
Province of British Columbia.

4. The Society shall be carried on without purpose of gain for its members and any
profits or other accretions to the Society shall be used for promoting its objects.

5. Clauses 4 and 5 are unalterable in accordance with Section 22 of the Society Act.
LCA Constitution

Adopted on June 23, 2019
LCA Constitution
Adopted 23 June 2019