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"Now appoint a king to lead us, such as all the other nations have."

2 Samuel  8:5

God had always intended to be our King, but we chose to go the way of the world.  Now Jesus is our King--but is He really?  Are we submitting to His reign?  Are we living like His subjects?

Join us during our Sunday worship services this fall as we journey through 1 & 2 Kings exploring earthly leadership, heavenly rule, and our citizenship in the kingdom of the One True King.


Are you interested in joining us Sunday mornings?  To participate on Zoom or in person, advance registration is required.  Please contact our church office for more info.  If you would like to participate via Live Stream, simply go to the homepage of our website at 10a on Sunday and click on the Live Stream link.  Click HERE to learn more about what our children's ministry is doing Sunday mornings.