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Introducing littleGroups!  

littleGroups are all about Training Together to Walk With Christ...because "structure" is not a four-letter word. 

One fella said the following:

“It’s stinking hard, and there will be days that it may feel forced, BUT, you will come out the other side closer to Christ, with a deeper understanding of your faith, with a greater sense of community and wanting to share the experience. Ask yourself, am I willing to do some hard work for a greater reward and a richer walk with the Lord?” - Scott Gramm, resident of Surrey

LCA is leaning into this new initiative to make disciples who closely follow Jesus.

littleGroups are 3-4 people of the same gender, led by a littleGroup trainer, who meet weekly or biweekly for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 2 years.  Each week, littleGroups include 1.5-3hrs of meeting face to face and studying Scripture, on your own and together.

Guided by training manuals known as The Essentials Set designed by Greg Ogden, littleGroups is a structured and personalized disciple-making approach that intends to cultivate and empower believers in Lake Country to become joyful, culture-shaping, disciple-making citizens of heaven.

You ready to rock'n'roll?!  Become a Trainer or Trainee by clicking here.