Do you want to drink your favourite hot beverage and at the same time help people in need? Purchasing from Paul's Mug is an awesome way to consume wisely.

Paul's Mug sells products from Level Ground, a Canadian fair-trade company based in Victoria, BC. To learn more about Level Ground, click here.

Paul's Mug is one of the ways LCA aims to generate financial support for our International Workers, Jordan and Martina Weatherson. The Weathersons are engaged in the R3 Developments Project, an initiative in Egypt that helps Sudanese refugees. All proceeds currently go to this R3 Project.

Bulk Orders are the best way to purchase from Paul's Mug. To place an order, complete this form. You can also purchase various products for consumption during events.  

Let Paul's Mug help you to enjoy high-quality products that help further God's justice and compassion around the world.