1.  Best Book Corner: Located on the north side of our foyer, we have a wide variety of material to choose from. Our expanding non-fiction section features stories regarding Bible characters, contemporary novels and more. We also have a children's book collection, a youth collection, a biography section and many DVD's as well. Circulation works on a self-help basis and is available Sunday morning or during office hours when the church is open.

2. The Resource Library: Located in the foyer next to the Best Book Corner, we have a variety of teaching materials such as leaders guides, participants books, reference books, studies on books of the Bible and Church development. We offer course materials such as Money Sense and Networking, as well as material on specific topics such as marriage, how to grow your faith, and much more. Circulation works on a sign-out basis and is adminstered by Monique La Haye.

3. Pastor Sandy's Library: Located in the Lead Pastor office upstairs, Sandy hosts a vast collection of materials.  If you are looking for a specific author or a particular subject, or if you know the title of a book you wish to read, feel free to contact Monique at monique@lakecountrychurch.com and she will assist you.