Welcome to Lake Country Alliance Church Youth!!

We offer a weekly youth group for all teens from Grade 6 to Grade 12 on Tuesday nights from 7pm to 8:45pm. 

**COVID-19 update: We will continue to offer our programs over Zoom meetings. Stay tuned for updates**

The 2019-2020 year for the Youth Ministry has been exciting!!

Our Overflow nights at the LCA church have been thriving. We have an amazing group of young adult small group leaders who have bonded with our youth and continue to mentor and disciple them on how to navigate high school and teenage struggles.

In September, we read through the Book of Matthew until January. Once complete, we started a topic-based curriculum produced by Think Orange. We explored how to seek wisdom, dealing with anxiety, and the value in self-worth and healthy relationships. Overflow night structure follows a simple schedule. We start our nights with a large group activity, such as life-sized Foosball or indoor mini golf or volleyball. Next, we hear from our main speaker sharing the topic of discussion for the night. Finally, our large group breaks into small groups where the teens can explore the topic of discussion with their leaders.

We encourage our youth to join us for various youth conferences and retreats over the year. In February, our youth and leaders attend the RUSH conference hosted by Willow Park Church in Kelowna. It is an annual teen and young adult conference offering a speaker, fabulous worship and musicians, special guests, activities and an experience like no other. God has used Rush over and over to speak to our teens about the true struggles of their hearts; We look forward to it every year. In September, we are invited to Congregation hosted at Eagle Bay Bible Camp planned by Vernon Alliance Church. The weekend is structured like summer camp, with daily activities, amazing food, sleeping in cabins, and amazing night games.

We have continued this year with our partnership with YoungLife and the Creekside Church youth groups for off-week Club nights at the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club in Lake Country. These nights follow the YoungLife curriculum and structure in which our leaders contribute games/activities and teachings. These nights focus on introducing Jesus and faith to teens using a relaxed and fun atmosphere.


To contact our Youth Coordinator or if you have any questions about our program or would like to attend this youth group, email [email protected]