Welcome to Lake Country Alliance Church Youth

  We offer weekly youth events for all teens from Grade 6 to Grade 12 on Tuesdays from 7-8:30pm 

Our 2021 Fall Youth program will kick off on September 21st.  More details are coming!

Our regular bi weekly event is called Overflow. This is a place for teens grades 6-12 to grow deeper in their faith by worship, bible study, and regular community time lead by local volunteer youth leaders. We've got an amazing team of Christian leaders who are so excited to volunteer their time to mentor our local teens. This event is located most weeks at the LCA building. 

Every second week we host youth events with a fellow local church called Creekside and our partnering outreach ministry called Young Life. These events are called Young Life Club. Young Life's mission is to reach the furthest kid out and introduce them to a life with Christ through fun, adventure, friendship, and fellowship. Our bi weekly event is called Young Life Club. It's a safe place for all teens grades 6-12 to participate and feel welcome! We often have exciting events such as photo scavanger hunts, capture the flag, campfires or fruit smashing. The goal of this partnership is to connect and grow the young christian comminuty of Lake Country while encouraging our teens to live out their faith and share it with their non christian friends. 


To contact our Youth Coordinator or if you have any questions about our program or would like to attend this youth group, email youth@lakecountrychurch.com