We are the church on the hill

We meet on land nestled between Tim Hortons and the Lakes subdivision on Oceola Road. You may have noticed the cross that shines at night on the south side of our building. It symbolizes our desire for the Light of the World to be a Beacon of Safety, Refuge, and Renewal in our land. 

 We are a church that loves community

We are a friendly, welcoming congregation that loves to spend time with each other and would love to get to know you. Most Sundays you'll find us hanging out together at the Connections Cafe after the service. First time at LCA? Your meal is on us!

 We are a church that loves our community

We recognize that we're Jesus' hands and feet in our neighborhoods, at our jobs, in our schools and clubs and on our teams. With the Holy Spirit's help, we make a difference by showing God's love to the people around us.  

 We are a church that loves children of all ages

We recognize our privilege and responsibility to nurture people. From Nursery to Youth and those "a-little-older-than-youth" you'll find leaders who are passionate and enthusiastic in their calling. 

 We are a people who love to pray

Prayer is our lifeline. Without our connection to God, our Living Hope, we are powerless to do any lasting good in Lake Country and beyond. 

 We are a people who love the Word of God

Each of us have stories to tell of how we've been transformed by Scripture. We seek to be hearers and doers of God's Truth; in other words, God's Word made flesh.

 We are a church who desires to love as God loves. 

 You matter to God and, therefore, you matter to us. 

 We, the people of Lake Country Alliance, hope you will join us.