Kids' Day Camp

Join us for KDC during the first week of Spring Break 2020! 


TITLE: Roar!  Watch the promo video!

DATES: March 16-20, 2020

TIMES: Weekday mornings (Mon-Fri), 9a-12p, PLUS Grand Finale Parent BBQ Friday evening, Mar 20, 5p-7p

AGES: 5-12

REGISTRATION: Registration for this camp will be open in January 2020. 



How much does it cost?

$30 / camper.  This includes one camp music CD / family and one camp T-shirt / camper.

How does camp work?

Kids are placed in small groups (crews) of about 6-8.  Each crew is led by an adult or senior teen.  Kids stay with the same crew throughout the camp.

Each morning:

1. Opening session in the auditorium: singing, dancing, intro video, skit.

2. Station rotation #1 throughout the building: crews rotate through games, Bible story, video, and craft (Imagination Station) stations.

3. Snack: everyone takes a snack break!

4. Station rotation #2: a continuation of crews rotating through the stations.

5. Closing session in the auditorium: more singing and dancing, and a recap of what the kids learned that day.

There will be a final event on the Friday night: BBQ, slide show, and performance.  Parents and grandparents are encouraged to attend.

Is there anything available for kids under the age of 5?

Unfortunately, no.  There wil be some childcare for parents who are volunteering; otherwise, we will not be offering programing for the little kids at this time.

I'd like to help out; what can I do?

Please see below for a complete list of personnel needs.  In order to protect the children we serve and our LCA community, we require that all volunteers have been aprticipating in our community for at least six months.  Exceptions to this would be if you have been regularly attending another church, in which case we would require a reference from a pastor or other leader from that church.  With all this in mind, however, we could certainly use your help!  If you see a role you'd like to take on, please contact our church office and we'll get back to you.




Food Services Coordinator: Oversees the Food Prep Team; plans and acquires food for snacks; works with Grand Finale Coordinator to prepare the BBQ for the Friday night Grand Finale 

Promo & Décor Coordinator: Helps to promote the camp in the community; oversees camp décor in each room 

Prayer Coordinator: Gathers Prayer Team members; stays in regular contact with the Director and other staff and relays prayer items to Prayer Team 

Grand Finale Coordinator: Plans and prepares for the Parent BBQ on the Friday Night 

Setup/ Strike Coordinator: Organizes the Setup / Strike Team and supervises setup and strike 

Station Leader Coordinator: Helps to recruit and train Station Leaders; helps Station Leaders to acquire materials for their stations 

Crew Leader Coordinator: Helps to recruit and train Crew Leaders; supports Crew Leaders through the week of camp 

Social Media Manager: Ensures camp info is being properly and timely conveyed through all our social media platforms 

Assistant Director: Assists the Director in whatever way is needed; oversees Pool Day (TBD); oversees setup and strike; oversees parking and security 

Song & Dance Leader: Learns the lyrics and choreography to the songs; helps to recruit singers and dancers; teaches the choreography to the dance team; leads singing and dancing during the camp 


Crew Leader: Like a cabin leader (camp counselor); leads the same group of 6-8 kids through all camp activities 

Assistant Crew Leader: Assists the Crew Leader 

Food Prep Team: Prepares the daily snack and the Friday night BBQ 

Song & Dance Team: Attends rehearsals to learn the songs and dances; leads the campers in song & dance each day of camp & at the Grand Finale 

Skit Team: Attends rehearsals in preparation for the Daily Skit; memorizes lines; performs skits each day of camp & at the Grand Finale 

Imagination Station Leader: This station is where the kids get to creative things like make crafts, dismantle electronics to see how they work, and build contraptions like marble runs.  The Leader supervises the Imagination Station each day of camp 

Imagination Station Team: Assists in the supervision and management of the Imagination Station 

Kid Vid Cinema Station Leader: Each day the kids watch a video that focuses on the daily Bible Point.  The Leader sets the video up and then guides the kids through a discuss following the video each day of camp 

Bible Discovery Station Leader: Each day the kids explore a story from the Bible that emphasizes the daily Bible Point. The Leader leads the kids through a different lesson each day of camp 

Games Station Leader: Leads the kids through physically active games each day of camp 

Station Helper: Helps Station Leaders where needed 

Sound Operator: Runs sound for Opening and Closing Sessions for each day of camp and also for the Grand Finale 

Media Operator: Runs media for Opening and Closing Sessions for each day of camp and also for the Grand Finale

Photographer / Videographer: Runs Spotlight VBS, a station during which crews create a slideshow story focused on the daily Bible Point; captures pics & vids throughout the camp at all sessions & stations; creates a final slideshow for the Grand Finale


Set Construction Team: Builds the set in the gym in advance and then helps to set it up in the auditorium 

Painting Team: Paints the set 

Props Team: Gathers and/or builds props for the Daily Skits 

Costumes Team: Gathers and/or builds costumes for the Daily Skits 

Decor Team: Helps to decorate every room that is used by camp 

Setup / Strike Team: Helps to setup and strike rooms used by camp, as well as the Grand Finale 

Imagination Station Gathering Team: Helps to gather and organize secondhand materials for the Imagination Station 

Prayer Team: Prays before, during, and after camp for the campers, staff, and families of lake Country