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Sep 13 Futureland Kids (FK) returns to the facility! Kids from K to grade 6 are welcome.  Parents: remember to reserve a spot for yourself and your FK child from week to week. The registration link will be provided in the weekly newsletter.  Like to sign up for our newsletter?  click HERE to send a request via email.

There's lots of details to remember:

  • Please note: for the health and safety of all participants, we'll be asking everyone who comes if they're presenting with symptoms of illness, if they've travelled abroad in the last two weeks, and if they've come in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • We've divided the facility into two sections.  Section A is the sanctuary, foyer, nursery, and main floor bathrooms and is accessed via the foyer entrance.  Section B is the upstairs classrooms and washrooms, the office wing, gym, kitchen, and Room to Serve and is accessed via the office lobby entrance at the rear of the building.  Section A is for those who are attending the worship service; Section B is for kids and parents.  Participants will not be allowed to move back-and-forth between the sections.
  • Bring your kids to the rear entrance for check-in. Parents remaining onsite will be able to participate in the service via Live Stream in the Room to Serve.
  • People in Section B must use the upstairs washrooms.
  • The nursery (ages 0-2) is now available to parents attending the service in Section B, though we do ask that you wait until the service has begun before entering the nursery.

For further details, please read over the attached file below from our FK Director Jenn Rowe. Thank you for your patience as we work out the kinks!