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Mariam and Abdallah are doing well in school and will begin full days today. Yaseen is walking them to school in the mornings and then he heads into Kelowna by bus for his English classes. He is a strong beginner and working very hard. He has learned the bus route and can do it alone.

Maysam has been to the library with Miss Diane, and is doing very well with her one on one English classes with Diane. Marwa is very eager to learn English with Terry and Elisa and they are working on daily usage words, household items and grocery lists.

The baby Mohammad has been checked out by a doctor and his congestion is due likely to a virus and should clear up soon. He continues to be very happy otherwise. Ahmad is happy to play at the park and go for walks with his daddy and Andy to the bank and other appointments.

From time to time, we do need help with childcare, as the parents have appointments, etc.. If you would be willing to help, paired with another person, please let us know by contacting us here.